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Buy Swims Loafers in Australia online at ShoeBeDooIn February 200, the SWIMS galosh overshoe appeared in stores for the first time, followed by the re-invented classic loafer.
SWIMS is a name that takes ones thoughts to water and to playfulness ... SWIMS is a burst of colour on an otherwise grey and rainy day.
And SWIMS is now a name synonymous with loafers. But unlike traditional loafers where their delicate materials make limited in wearability, SWIMS use high-tech materials and state-of-the-art technology to make them combine well with water.
Hence SWIMS can be worn in the ocean so you don't scrape your feet on rocks or coral, by the pool on on the deck of a boat so you don't slip, and even in the garden when water plants. Plus they look amazing, and can be worn all over town.
The SWIMS loafer is a product the experience of their designer and co-founder - Johan Ringdal - a Norwegian. Hence the way these are made are up to and above the highest of Scandinavian design. And they really just are fantastic!
Buy SWIMS loafers and shoes to wear on the beach, on the boat, in the garden at ShoeBeDoo - online at and in our two retail stores ShoeBeDoo Bunbury and ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough.

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