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Jonny's John W. Shoes

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Now made in Spain Jonny's shoes (formerly known as John W. Shoes) know that this fabulous brand of shoes has a long tradition.

The origin lies in Germany where in the year 1608 Johann Wagener (ja ja, that is where the John W comes from !!) started producing shoes.

Over 400 years of experience shows in their distinctive style and very high quality. 

After more than 12 generations of shoemakers, the leader of the Jonny's "pack" is Detmar-Johannes Wagener. He represents the family traditions and is responsible for the actual designs from this, one of the eldest shoe brands in Europe.

Jonny's / John Hw. shoes means: hand made in Spain, high quality of materials, ecologically tanned inside leather, classic deigns, and a comfortable fit

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Jackie Small Heel Leather Sandals      
Jonny's John W. Shoes      
Jackie Small Heel Leather Sandals      
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