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Tacco Footwear

About Tacco

The Tacco Footcare Company was founded in 1963 with only a single product. Almost 50 years later they look back as a manufacturer of many other innovative components. 

Made in Germany, these leather innersoles and other fitting shoe solutions are produced by Tacco Footwear.

Nearly 10,000 Steps is their motivation...

... because everyone takes up to 9,900 steps during the day and stands an average 6.3 hours on their feet.

The company was also recognized for their focus on sustainability in 2011, as the first producer in the category of shoe products awarded the Blauen Engel seal of approval. Today, they carefully test all products, before they come on the market.

Made in Germany, buy and shop online in Australia Tacco footwear products such as leather inner soles and leather half in soles at ShoeBeDoo Bunbury, ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough and online at

Luxus Light Leather Half In Sole      
Tacco Footwear      
Luxus Light Leather Half In Sole