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Love your shoes? Want to keep those heels looking like brand new? Then you are going to LOVE this product !!!

This product "Heelies" is a plastic sheath that you slide over the bottom part of your heel. Then simply apply heat using a hair dryer with a directional attachment to either the entire length of the heel or just to the bottom portion which is often the most prone to damage.

Once the 'heelie' has been damaged it can be carefully removed by cutting a small incision at the base, preferably on the inside of the heel, by using a small pair of nail scissors or a stitch un-pick. The 'heelie' can then be torn off and replaced with a new one.

The black Heelies are 60mm in circumference and therefore fitting most shoe heels.  They shrink to half the original size and are therefore not really detectable once applied. As well as being very hard to detect on black shoes they also help to cover existing damage that may have already occurred.

Each packet contains a pair of regular long, regular short, super slim long and super slim short.

Price $9.95

Size: N/A
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