About Us

ShoeBeDoo !  

Fun name right? And step inside, there is even more fun to be had. And all because of what we doo ..

Hello, not rocket science, we sell shoes! Glorious, unashamedly gorgeous shoes. And bags. And clutches. Plus other fun things that we love (like hats, fascinators, socks, shoe care products ... yess!!!)

And unlike alot of other retailers online selling shoes in Australia and internationally, we are Australians, we employ a fantastic team who are oh so full of shoe experience, AND we have retail stores - ShoeBeDoo Bunbury and ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough! (yes, we are regional).

So why is that soooo important? We just don't have a "buyer" who goes out and buys shoes just because.  We choose the shoes ourselves. We try each and every one on personally to know they are comfortable, well made, and that they fit well.

We care... we are also committed to sourcing ethical brands, products that offer customers a vegan choice, Vegan CERTIFIED brands and brands committed to reducing waste in their packaging and production, brands striving to reduce energy consumption oin their production cycles. Instore, we recycle everything we can, from cartons the shoes arrive in to unwanted shoeboxes, even soft plastics and tissue paper don't go to waste! And how great that our ShoeBeDoo bags are recyclable and already made from recycled paper!

We listen to our customers (well we can, we see them every day in our stores!), and we ask them what they want. What they need in a shoe.

Keeping an eye on print and electronic media, we make sure we are always on top of what is NOW and what is coming. We source our shoes and handbags from Australia, France, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Austria, Israel, Turkey, New York (yup, not technically a country, but WHAT a city!!) 

And we love shoes! Plus we love making the experience both online and instore just that - an experience, not a chore. 

For over 13 years, South west locals Jo and Warwick Gunning have been the proud owners of ShoeBeDoo Bunbury and ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough. For any enquiries, reach out to us on +(61) 8 9721 1031, and speak to one of our lovelies at ShoeBeDoo Bunbury - Richie, Megan, Paige or Tenika  - or at ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough - Lyn, Sam or Alex.