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Hi, I'm Greta! And like you, I have a passion for shoes, bags, hats and - well - Carrie Bradshaw has got nothing on me!

Being named after Swedish filmstar Greta Garbo, my European roots run deep. The Hollywood side of me LOVES to share, so allow me to share my knowledge of all things fashionable with you.

Hence, welcome to Greta Says. A whole lot of information about all those things we love. How to pronounce Louboutin (after Christian bien sur!), what a vamp is (and I am talking about a shoe here!), and just what is nubuck. It's all here in your own little treasure trove of information.

Happy reading dear ones, and if you have a question for me, I will be delighted to set my little fingers tapping on Lola and find you that answer. (Oh, Lola is my gorgeous Mac Book!!) Just email me!

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Pronunciation Guidelines

LOVE those red-soled shoes but cringe at the thought of pronouncing Christian Louboutin aloud ?? My pronunciation guide is your little bible! Read, learn, practice, and then shop at 68 Rue du Faubourg (Paris darling) with confidence!


Glossary of Terms

Everything you have ever wanted to know about shoes ... and some! That's what you will find in this gorgeous and ever-increasing glossary of terms.

Still curious about something? Shoot me off an email. I will don my favourite library shoes (black patent mary-janes with a gold heel, very Miss Marple) to research for you!


Greta's Secret's

Out of my tried and tested closet come these little words of personal advice. My secrets so to speak.


The Story on Sizes (size chart !)

Ever wondered why your foot is a size 7 on one shoe, a 38 in another, but you might even go up a size in another ???? "Act your age not your shoe size" was always the popular adage ... hmmm ... but which one ??

This little account on sizes will go a long way.


Greta Says....