Greta's Secrets

A girl is entitled to her own little secrets right ?

Being the generous little soul that I am, I want to share my tips with you, my dear reader, in no certain order. Just how they come to me.

And feel free to return in sorts, if you have a special tip for me, email me right now! We will share your love with the world!


Jeans bulge with boots

To prevent your jeans from getting too baggy and coming out of the boots you have tucked them into, follow my advice. Wear a knee high stocking sock and leave it gathered at the ankle. Fold your jean up at the bottom, then fold it smoothly across the leg in a smooth flat pleat. Hold it in place with one hand, with the other take that little stocking and pull it over the jeans. And voilá, one smooth "jean leg" to slip into your boot.


Curling toes

Love wearing high heeled platform stilettos but find your toes curl up as you are putting them on? Try putting a tiny bit of baby powder under the ball of the foot, and let them slide on in. I find it works wonders. Oh, just don't go padding around a carpeted floor afterwards. Can you say white footprints ??????


Marks on patent shoes

Got a little mark on your patent shoes? Try a little eucalyptus oil. Always patch test your shoes first, but I have had great success with eucalyptus oil. Plus it makes everything smell fresh!


Biggest foot first

When fitting a shoe, I always fit my largest foot first. I know I can always stuff the shoe for the smaller foot with a Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushion which pushes the foot up and back in the shoe. But it is pretty tough to make a tight shoe larger. Ouch!


Trying on shoes

When trying on a shoe, understand first what will you wear it with. If you are like me and wear your open shoes without a stocking, try the shoe on without the stocking (but ladies, please BE ladies and ensure your feet are clean!!). If you use a stocking the fit and slip will be different. Same thing with a boot. Going to wear it with a thin wool sock? Use a thin wool sock to try it on.

If you want the look of a stocking but want your toes stocking free in an open-toed shoe, try these Platinum Bare Toeless Pantyhose.


Stretching a shoe

Always a tricky one if you have to do this. Bootmakers do a good job, you can buy a stretching machine etc, but I have found that sometimes if you lightly dampen (not soak) the tissue paper that is often in the shoe box with the shoes, mist it with Windex and then stuff this into the toe of the shoe, it will start to relax the leathers and stretch it.

Now, this is not for open toed shoes or satin innersole shoes - as you can imagine you would utterly stain the satin ! And I can't promise it will work for you. But I have heard that it is an option if you are willing to give it a go!


Handling a hat

I love hats! You will most often see me wearing one, as I absolutely LOVE the mystery and timeless appeal a hat has. Think my namesake Greta Garbo, think Marlene Dietrich, think Jackie O. And oh how terribly practical they are to shade your complexion from the strength of the sun!

When you are buying a hat start off with learning how to handle them. I never touch my hats when my hands are dirty or oily. What a way to ruin a hat! Also, pick up your hat from underneath by both the front and back brim so you don't destroy its shape.

Never pick your hat up from the crown as this causes permanent dents.


How to store a hat

I always store my hats in a hat box with the crown stuffed full of tissue paper, and tissue paper all around it. Cocooning it so to speak. Plus I never rest them on the brim, but on the crown (up side down so to speak) as long as I am not destroying any top feathers.

My fascinators get stored in little boxes too, carefully ensuring the bits and bobs (like feathers etc) are tucked in carefully. Tissue paper is again my friend!

As with things like wedding dresses and precious materials, you may want to consider investing in acid free tissue paper.

Store your hats in a cool dry place


How to make hats a head size smaller

If hat foam/fillers still don't work, if a hat has got grosgrain ribbon on the inside of where the brim hits the crown (ie where the hat is in contact with the head) you may try and wetting the grosgrain ribbon being VERY CAREFUL as it normally dries tighter overnight.

If you can sew you might be able to sew another grosgrain ribbon on top of the existing.