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Your Account

Creating an Account

By creating an account and saving your information you will be able to:

To create an account, click on either Your Account or Sign In next to the ShoeBeDoo logo on the top of the web page. You will need to click on Register to complete all of your relevant details, including a password.

Click here to create your new Account now!

Once you have successfully completed all of your details you will receive a welcome email to your nominated email address

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Signing in as an Existing Customer

If you are already an existing customer, sign in by clicking on the Sign In link on the top of the web page.

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset your password from this Sign In screen.

Sign in by clicking here

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Managing your Account

Once you have signed in, you can easily manage your account.

You will be able to view your Orders, Edit your personal profile, or view your wishlist.

View Orders
Every time you place an order with us, it will be viewable from your Account under View Orders.   All of your orders will be stored here, sorted by date, with the latest up the top.

Edit Personal Profile
From this you can change your personal details.

View Wishlist
A wishlist is a history of all the items you have added to your wishlist – items that you want to consider for future purchase.  You add items to your wishlist from each individual product page. These will sit on your wishlist like, forever!   Or until you decide to delete them.  There is no limit to how many items you have on your wishlist.

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Email Sign-Up

Sign up to our regular e-newsletter to be the first to receive the most exciting news ever – news on shoes, bags, hats, watches etc of course!   To do this click on the Submit button located under Subscribe – you will find this down the bottom left hand side of the all of our web pages.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an activation email from us - just to make sure we got your email address correct!  Your subscription will be complete once you have activated this email.

You will have the same effect by clicking on the Subscribe button when you are creating your new account.

At all times you can unsubscribe to our newsletter.  So fear not, sign up. And  in the unlikely event (even if we do say so ourselves !) that you do not wish to receive these any more from us, there will always be an unsubscribe link on each e-newsletter.

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Forgotten Password

Don't you worry, if you have forgotten your password simply click on Sign In and then click on Reset Password.  We will ask you to enter your email address.

If this email address entered is correct, we will email you instructions on how to reset your password.  You are then responsible for the reset and can choose a new password.   You will have two days from receiving this email to complete this action.

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How to Shop

Finding What You Want

Now ladies, we are not even in the slightest insinuating that you do not know how to shop!   But let’s walk you through how to shop on

Navigation is easy and self explanatory.  For example, click on Shoes from the top of the webpage to find all of the shoes in their various categories. Click on Accessories to find things like watches, hosiery, hats and fascinators.

You can also search for a key word, in the KeyWord Search up the top of the webpage.  Or even use the extended search which is permanently located on the left hand side of the page.

From this extended search you can shop/search by category, brand, size, colour or even price range.  Neat huh ?

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Shopping Bag

Right, you have found your goods and you want to put them in a virtual shopping bag.   Each product page has an Add to Shopping Bag “tag” under the size.   Simply click on this, and that item in the size/colour combo you have chosen will be added to your Shopping Bag.

In fact, you will be taken to the Shopping Bag page – showing the full contents of your Shopping Bag.   From here you can change the quantity of items ordered, remove from the shopping bag, and even ask for this item to be Gift wrapped!  Perfect for buying gifts!

Very important!

PLEASE make sure you select your Delivery Location before you continue.  I mean, if you are entitled to free shipping you should be getting it.  Choosing the Delivery Location will automatically calculate shipping charges.

Now, fear not. You have not purchased anything at this stage!   You can delete anything from the Shopping Bag itself by clicking on the Remove button.

From the Shopping Bag, click on Continue Shopping to go back to the previous (product) screen.   Or, if you are feeling happy, click on Proceed to Checkout to order your Shopping Bag items.

Oh and a little tip, from the top right hand side of every page you will see your Shopping Bag with the number of items in it.  Simply click on this at any time to go back to the Shopping Bag screen with all the details.

Phew, you are on your way …

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A wishlist is a history of all the items you have added to your wishlist – items that you want to consider for future purchase.  You can add items to your wishlist from each individual product page.  These will sit on your wishlist like, forever!  Or until you decide to delete them.  There is no limit to how many items you have on your wishlist.

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Tell a Friend

If you know that one of your friends woud love love LOVE a product, make it easy on yourself and simply tell them about it.  On each product page you will see a Tell A Friend link.

Click on this and simply fill in the details, and an email containing a link to this page will be sent to your friend in a snap.

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Gift Wrapping

There is nothing lovelier than receiving a well wrapped gift.   And we love wrapping our goodies beautifully!   Luckily you can pick and choose which items in your Shopping Bag you want gift wrapped.

From the Shopping Bag screen (remember, you can access it by clicking on the Shopping Bag from the top right hand of the screen) under each item there is a little box that can be checked by clicking in it.  This will get your Gift wrapped!

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Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are made easy.   Search under “Gift Voucher” or go to Accessories, and choose Gift Vouchers.  Or of course, click here.

We have pre-determined amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300, $350, $400, $450, and $500. However if you would like another amount, simply email us at and we will with pleasure help you out.

Gift Vouchers will be completed with the details of the recipient, who the gift is from, and even a message from you should you wish.    These details are filled in on step 2 Delivery and Billing Details of the Checkout Process.  Plus we will package it up beautifully in a gorgeous little gift bag.

During the Check-Out process you can even request a different Shipping Address so that we will send the Gift Voucher to whoever you wish.

Please note that Gift Vouchers are only redeemable in store at ShoeBeDoo Bunbury.   But if you don’t live close, you are more than welcome to add something to your wishlist, send us an email and as soon as we receive the Gift Voucher in the mail from you, we will redeem it on your behalf!

Just one last thing on Gift Vouchers, they are like cash. Do not lose them.   We cannot redeem the Gift Voucher without physically having the (original) Gift Voucher in our hot little hands.   No exceptions to the rule...

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The CheckOut Process

Placing an Order

From the Shopping Bag, you will want to click on the Proceed to Checkout tag on the bottom left of the screen.

There are 4 steps in the CheckOut process:

At every step of the way, you will see the 4 steps along the top of the screen.   Whatever screen you are at will be highlighted, so you know what you have done and what is coming.  Easy right?

Let’s walk you through each of these four simple steps …


1: Review Your Order

Firstly review your order to ensure all is to your satisfaction.   At any time you can remove items, reduce the quantity of orders.   Just remember to click update after you have made any changes so the amount re-calculates correctly.

Before progressing to Step 2, you must select your Delivery Location, found right under the list of goodies you want to purchase.  Very important, as this calculates your freight cost.   Free shipping for Aussie locations with a $150.00 + spend, so you really do want to get this right !  Check on our Delivery page for full details of freight costs to both domestic and international locations.

If you happen to forget to select your delivery location, a reminder will force you to fill in this field before progressing. Note: if you want to order online but pick up in our store, there is an option for this under the Delivery Location drop down list.  Great huh ?

Moving right along, select Proceed To Checkout.


2: Delivery and Billing Details

Right, the next screen is all about your details.   If you have not already signed in, you will be able to do so from here.  Enter your Email Address and password and click Submit.   Remember these are both case sensitive fields.   If you have not yet set yourself up as a customer, you must do so before progressing.

Once you have signed in or set yourself up as a new customer, you will to progress to the Delivery and Billing Details screen.   All of your details will appear under Billing Details.  Every field with an asterisk next to it must be completed.

If your Shipping Details are the same as your Billing Details, simply check the box “Same as Billing Details” under Shipping Details.  This will save your fingers having to re-type this data.

If you wish to send the purchases on this order to a different address – let’s say you are buying a gift for someone, and want us to gift wrap it and then send it to the directly - leave your Billing Details the same, but enter different Shipping Details.

Down the bottom of this screen you can add comments to your order.  This is free-form text, and there is no limit to the amount of text that you enter there.

Select your Payment Method as either Credit Card or Pay Pal. If you choose Credit Card on the next screen you will be prompted to enter your card type (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners), number and expiry date.

If you choose PayPal you will be re-directed to the PayPal website.

Lastly, if you are purchasing a Gift Vouchers, this is where you put in who the Gift Voucher is to, who it is from, and a message

Alrighty, almost there, click on Submit ..


3: Payment

If you clicked Credit Card you will progress to the screen to enter your Credit Card Details.   The privacy of your data is as critical to us as it is to you.   Please read more about our Privacy Policy so you understand the high standards we set that such details continue to remain private.

If payment is approved, your credit card will be debited and you will see an order confirmation page.

If payment is declined or there is another error with expiry or the like, you will see a relevant message on the screen.

It is not until you see the confirmation page that you know your order has been placed and a transaction on your credit card has occurred.

If you clicked Pay Pal you will be re-directed to the PayPal website to enter your details.   Once payment is approved via PayPal you will see an order confirmation page.


4: Confirmation

You have done it! Once you have gone through everything and transacted successfully, you will see an order confirmation page.   Thereafter, to your nominated email address you will receive a full confirmation from us which you can print or, if like us you are environmentally conscious, just store it.

ANY problems at all, email us.

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Pick Up In Store

If you would prefer to order online yet pick up your goods in store, you simply have to choose the Delivery Location “Pick Up In Store”.

Delivery Location is found in your Shopping Bag where all your goodies are listed.   Just down the bottom, on the left hand side.  You can then progress through the CheckOut Process and purchase online but have them ready waiting for you in our store.

Alternatively, you may want to do your research online and come in and see the shoes/bags etc before purchasing.  To print out pages of goodies that you love, you will see a Prefer to Buy Instore section down the bottom of each product page.   Note, if you do not Purchase Online, no stock will be held for you.

Click on the Print button, bring the print out with you and we will see you in store!

Or really, save paper and take a picture with your iPhone of the screen !!!

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Faxing or eMailing

Even though we use the highest and best form of encryption on our website, if you would prefer to email us your request please send us an email to and we will be happy to oblige.

Alternatively, you may choose to fax or mail us through your request.   Here is a pdf form to download to help you on your way!

A few points of note if you choose to use this form:

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We accept the following types of payment online:

A transaction is made on your Credit Card when you submit your credit card details.  If payment is approved you will get the order confirmation page.   If payment is declined, you will see a relevant message.

PayP al transactions are governed by PayPal’s terms and conditions.  Please refer to their website for further information.

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Coupon Codes

A coupon code is basically a code used for a % discount.

If you have a valid coupon code, it is applied to the purchases in your Shopping Bag, except for Gift Vouchers and freight charges.  Gift vouchers and freight charges are not subject to any % discount.

If a coupon code used is invalid – either for the period in time or for the specific user – the discount will be reversed.   At this point we will contact you to determine the best appropriate course of action.  Goods will not be dispatched until correct payment has occurred.

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