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Our Stores

I know. You love the online store. But you are soooo dying to see the "real" us right?

C'mon down. Down south that is, to buy all of your shoes, boots, evening shoes, orthotic taking shoes, wide shoes, flat shoes, high shoes, phew you name it, in Bunbury, which is in the south west of Western Australia (WA).  We also have a remarkably gorgeous store further south in Dunsborough.  That is right, ShoeBeDoo Bunbury and ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough, what more could you want, but to find two amazing shoes stores in the south west of Western Australia?

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Getting To Us

All the directions in the world you need are here, including maps and google map directions. Too easy!!


Once you have arrived, if you have a car you need to park it right? Here are our tips:

There is one hour street parking on Stephen Street and surrounding city centre streets, you have to pay 50c per half hour. Down our end of Stephen Street is the Centrepoint Shopping Centre, and it has its own parking as well, including 2 hours free Visitors parking! This car park is an All Day Car Park and also a Visitor/Shopping Car Park. Here's the difference:


Located around the edges of the central business district these car parks provide all day parking. Hourly and daily rates are available.

80 cents per hour
$3.60 per day

The iPark system is available in most car parks


These car parks are intended for short term trips to the city centre. All these car parks are free for the first two hours * after which hourly fees apply.

2 hours - FREE*
3 hours - $1.20
4 hours - $3.60
5 hours - $7.20

Don't forget to collect and display a ticket even if you are only parking for two free hours !

* the 2 hour free period is only available once per vehicle per day


Don't want or need to carry change? iPark is for you. You request parking by sms, phone or online and the amount is debited from your credit card. They even send you email/mobile/phone reminders! Click here to go to the iPark website or call 1300 727 513 and sign up for free!


And here is a brochure for you to download/print to make it that little bit easier for you!

front of store

The Layout

Right, you have found us. What to expect inside ???? Let's have a wee look ...


The first thing you will notice is space and lots of it. There are plenty of areas for seating, and we even have our "partners corner". The area traditionally where our men-friends feel comfortable. Great big seat, and we offer newspapers and magazines for them to read. To keep them occupied. Strategic.

With lots of space between the seating and those oh so fabulous shoes, there is also plenty of room for prams - even double ones for our favourite twins, Casimir and Casper who live in New York, one of our favourite places.


Looking at a shoe on the shelf is one thing. Putting it on your foot another. And looking at it in the mirror? Necessary! You are the only one who looks down on your feet, everyone else looks at them from a different angle.

So for your convenience we have loads of gorgeous long mirrors spread throughout the shop so you can long admire yourself in your shoes from all angles!


Getting up close and personal with our stock is something we take seriously here. Translation? You bring in the dress, we will find you your accessories to go with it. Hence the changeroom.

We love nothing more than our customers coming in, whipping on their new favourite outfit and we will pull out boxes, bags and headware to turn an ordinary look into something special. I mean, how much fun is that ???


Hygiene is very important to us. So we readily have TrySox - one use disposable stocking socks - available throughout the store. One use, hygienic, in natural and black.


The Sections

Now on to the most important part - what is where.

The whole store is lined with shoes. We keep similar styled shoes together, and then sprinkle interest throughout the store. The evening shoes are all on the back wall, and are organized by colour. So all of the black evening shoes of all heel heights and decoration are all sitting together. Easy.

Then we take "like" shoes and work them together. Orthotic-taking/good-for-your-feet shoes (Naots, Dankso, El Naturalista, MBTs) are all together, comfort shoes (Beautifeel, Rieker, Pikolinos, Anna) as well. We have tables for flats, areas for high fashion stakes shoes (PeepToe, Siren, Melissa, Lipstik etc) and of course seasonal influences.

We love it when we have shoes on sale for our customers, and that is why our last pair wall thrives. At the rear left of the store is a floor to (almost) ceiling wall of shoes, in size order, all on sale at ridiculously good prices. These are our last pairs, so get in while the last!

And while you are down the back of the store, don't forget the sale tables. Constantly changing, always offering something fun for something little.


You will always find lots of bags in ShoeBeDoo. Clutches, day bags, cow-friendly bags, leathers, and fabulous marvellous styles from Italy and Spain.

And modestly speaking, we have the best range of evening and race bags. There is a whole stand for this, sorted by colour to make your choice just that much easier.

Want a bargain? There is also a bag sale table - for your enjoyment!


The remainder of the stores is filled with clothing (fab T-s and jeans from Guess), watches for men and women (Guess, DKNY, Fossil, D&G), Guess jewellery, hosiery, nail polish, parasols, fascinators, hats .... and growing. Most of the hats and fascinators are lining the top shelves, so when you walk in, look up. It's worth it!

instore image 2instore image 1

The Service

And nothing but NOTHING enhances an experience like service. Not just lip service, but down on the knees, buckling up shoes kind of service.

We go to great heights up our ladders in the store rooms to find that last pair of size 9's for you. We go to great lows to truly look at the fit of a shoe on your foot, and actually do it up for you.

We also like nothing better than offering advice and getting multiple opinions for you. We will never let you walk out of the store with an inappropriate or ill-fitting shoe. And we love giving you options. It is nothing for us to have that tissue paper flying and 25 pairs of shoes out for you to try on. How much fun is THAT?


The Team

And what is service, without the most fantastic team ??? Here they are in all of their glory ... (Tenika Accorsini, Danae Cornford, Richie Harvey, and ... stay tuned !!!!)




Our Membership

We are proud members of the National Footwear Retailer's Association (NFRA)!  The NFRA is run by a duly elected Board of Directors who are footwear retailers themselves.  They play a very active role in identifying and developing strategic opportunities for footwear retailers, and even provide is with wonderful training and workshops so we can provide the very highest in standards and skills to you, our dear customers.

They also provide us with a fabulous magazine called the Footwear News which keeps us ahead of the game, and able to bring you the very best brands out there.



Oh and one last note. We have some wonderful incantations of our name. Here are some of our favourites.

shoe be doo
shoo bee do
shoo be do
shoe be do
shoe be doo footwear
shoe be do
shoe be doo
schuhe be doo
shoe be du