Sizing Chart (shoe size chart) HOGL

This sizing chart is recommended for all HOGL shoes.  You will notice on the HOGL boxes there are two sizes - the D (German) size in Euro sizing and the UK sizing. We have approximated the AU/US sizing to be used as a guide only. Please keep in mind length is only one dimension. Feet are three-dimensional, so width and thickness of the feet should also be considered.

Hogl(UK) Hogl(D/EU) Foot Length cm

AU/US (approx)

2.5 34.5 22.8 4-4.5
3 35 23.1 4.5-5
3.5 36 23.5 5-5.5
4 37 23.8 6-6.5
4.5 37.5 24.1  6.5-7
5 38 24.5 7-7.5    
5.5 38.5 24.8 7.5-8
6 39 25.1 8-8.5    
6.5 40 25.4  9
7 41 25.7 9.5-10    
7.5 41.5 26 10.5
8 42 26.7 11    



How to Measure your Feet


To accurately measure the length of your foot, just get a piece of paper (A4 size), a pen and a long ruler



Lay the piece of paper on the floor against a wall. Place your foot on the paper so that your heel is touching the wall. 



Use the pen to draw a line to mark the longest point of your foot on the paper. Because your feet can both be different sizes, repeat the measurement with your other foot.



Using the ruler, measure the distance from the edge of the sheet of paper to the farthest of the two lines you have drawn. You have now found out the length of your foot. Now compare the size with the size chart.