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The passion for shoes, for fashion and woman’s beauty, led in 1973 to the creation of Felmini ®.

At Felmini they intend to reflect the style of a young woman, contemporary, active and who likes to wear all the latest fashion trends. To this end, they travel the world, meet people, create relationships, exchange experiences, experience different cultures, in order to be able to create.

With core values like passion, integrity and respect, they create exciting and cosmopolitan unique shoes.

They work as a team with young designers, creative dreamers, which absorb all the information and translate into unique and innovative products full of life and happiness in a wonderful world of color!

This is Felmini ®. It’s happiness, it’s a state of mind and is an attitude that seeks the happiness of womanwith spirit forever young.

What they are made of 

Felmini ® ensures all creation, development and production so that this product becomes singular.

They are constantly innovating so you can find the most exciting newness of the season. Actually they seek work towards to diversify the use of materials. They care about to find the best leathers; work them with a unique and unconventional treatments. They combine the mastery of the pure artisan work connected to the latest technology, so that at the end our products reflect an innovative and contemporary look.

Hand painted shoes, hand-washed, or dipped - dyed with innovative texture effects, complemented with a remarkable product design, that fall in love all seasons our clients and are examples of what Felmini ® makes better.

In Felmini ®, the hand work given to each pair of shoes is unique, ensuring that no two pairs look alike and never look like anyone else’s.

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8472  Tan Leather Mid Calf Boots   Silver Multi Leather Sneakers B768    
Felmini   Felmini    
8472 Tan Leather Mid Calf Boots   Silver Multi Leather Sneakers B768    
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