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Made in Brazil 

Mel is the playful younger sister of Melissa, a happy go lucky footwear brand whose only aim in life is to sweeten your stride.

Taking on the same ethical stance as their sister brand Mel believes in being Vegan friendly, recyclable with a subtle scent, and proving that fashion can be thoughtful.

Playing with lighthearted silhouettes in block colours (very in this season!), Mel’s jelly collections of ladies heels and flats have been decorated with opaque and translucent butterflies, hearts and ribbons for a cute girly finish.

Plastic and Design

Our childhood days our lives were limited to nothing but that of our imagination. We can say the same thing about plastic the possibili- ties are endless. If you can think of it you’ll definitely be able to mould it from plastic.

The use of plastic, in things other than everyday use, is becoming more commonly used. Plastic is not only a cheaper alternative to other materials, its strong, can be crafted into a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Because of plastics life expectancy (meaning it can take hundreds of years to decompose), artists and designers have taken to using plastic in their work and fashion and we now see plastic design not only in our daily goings but also in many of our outfit choices. When thinking of plastic, we can’t help but think of our favourite toys or our timeless Lego set. Toys help inspire the imagination, a handful of bricks can create a princesses castle and be played with for hours.

Mel plastic shoes are made in Brazil as part of Melissa Shoes.

Buy your Mel plastic shoes in Australia online at ShoeBeDoo and also at ShoeBeDoo Bunbury and ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough, our two wonderful retail stores.

Special II Sandals      
Special II Sandals      
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