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Natural World Eco Friendly Vegan Shoes

Natural World is a recently created brand which nonetheless has a great shoe-making tradition, as it combines both the features of a trendy, young brand with the experience and know how of its creators.

These shoes are eco-friendly and vegan.

Brand founders rely on extensive experience in the footwear industry, as they have worked for more than two decades manufacturing shoes.

This remarkable career path, added to their unconditional struggle for a better world conduced Natural World founders to realize an immediate need, to create a100% ecological shoe.

Such a step is needed to be taken to guarantee a better world to our descendants, to our children, that is, to invest in our present to provide for their future.

An ambitious goal, hard to achieve since to make it, an ellaborated manufacturing system is needed, which shall be respectful for the environment, from its beginning where raw materials for the shoe are obtained, all the way to the end when the shoe is finished and ready for sale

A New and Ancient Technique
It was a thorough job, requiring numerous technical reports, research tasks, until finally they discovered a revolutionary manufacturing system, respectful over the environment from the beginning to the end. 

It is a production system which was used in the ancient times by their ancestors, but presently abandoned, it is more than 100 years old, originally from the North of Spain, it requires a special kind of machinery and is called a Vulcanization System.

Natural World Creators embraced this manufacturing process in combination with the latest technological advances, which was a key factor in its success

Once the manufacturing system was assumed, the new goal was to find the right machinery to put this ecological system to work. 

It took numerous trips and hard search tasks to finally find the ideal set of machines to put the designed production system in motion.

These were ancient machines, which had remained out of use for many years, and so had become deteriorated as time passed by. Therefore, repair and refurbishing tasks were needed so machines were again at their prime, ready to work as if they were new.

Their manufacturing facilities were established in the North of Spain, where the production system itself had been used in ancient times, specifically in a 15,000-resident village, a city of notable shoe-making tradtion.

The First Shoe
That way, once the ecological manufacturing system was a given and the appropriate machinery to put it in motion was found, the founders manufactured the first Natural World shoe in September 2010, the precise starting moment for the history of this brand.

This shoe featured a great deal of sensations, such as: effort, sacrifice, reward for the job done, respect for the environment, a struggle for a better world...

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