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Remonte (previously known as Dorndorf  is a brand that is part of the Rieker family of shoes.  What you get from a Dorndorf shoe is incredible quality, true and wide fittings, and large sizes. And yes, to be expected from a company that has been making shoes since 1876.

As with a Rieker, these shoes are mostly made in the European Union under strict quality controls.  Shoes are high quality leather products, with heavenly soft footbeds to ensure a fabulous experience.  

Always designed in Germany, buy your Remonte boots, shoes at ShoeBeDoo Bunbury, ShoeBeDoo Dunsborough and online at 

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Brown Knee High Boots R5174-25      
Brown Knee High Boots R5174-25      
Was $319.95
Now $249.00
$71 OFF