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El Naturalista

El Naturalista is one very groovy, colourful and earth friendly company, based in Spain. They live by the basic principle of movement, it is their reason to exist.  And that's why they enjoy creating comfortable and attractive footwear for people to enjoy in the journey of their lives.

Being a "Naturalista" implies a respect for a philosophy and trust in life. Their symbol, the frog, is representative of this.  They feel a deep responsibility towards planet earth, and this is unwaveringly included in all principles of design, manufacturing, and corporate culture.  

Their designs mirror the natural world, using organic shapes to form works of art for your feet.  For those of you who worry about a carbon "footprint", these shoes are a welcome relief.  They use recycled and natural rubber for their soles, which gives them a natural springy shock-absorbing footbed.  Plus it is comfortable and long-lasting.  

Some of their shoes - like the gorgeous clogs you will always see in our stock - have a cork insole that is removeable, and gives the foot excellent comfort and breathability.  The exterior of the shoes are hand stitched - making them unique and artistic.  These are shoes your feet and your earth will never regret.

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Shoes made in Spain, ShoeBeDoo  

Nido N754 Leather Long Boots   Nido N722 Leather Ankle Boots    
El Naturalista   El Naturalista    
Nido N754 Leather Long Boots   Nido N722 Leather Ankle Boots    
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