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Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia Online Ugg Boots LogoThese are the only UGG BOOTS 100% made in Australia !!

In a high ceilinged warehouse nestled in Melbourne's outskirts, fingers investigate a natural Australian sheepskin, deftly searching out imperfections. Developed over 30 years, Ugg Australia continue to engineer the methods and equipment they use to get the best out of the materials to make the perfect Ugg Boot.

This 100% Australian owned and made product, coming from the last sheep tannery in Australia, is handcrafted. And Ugg Australia is a  family owned business that has been using tried and true processes, only improved by time and a little extra inventiveness. 

So please, do not confuse this product with other "100% wool" so called ugg boots. This is the only 100% Aussie made Ugg. The others are either tanned in China, glued in China, or (gulp) are Aussie sheep wool glued on to cow hide.  My my my .... 

So feel proud in the purchase of Ugg Australia Ugg Boots from ShoeBeDoo. 

And read more about the fantastic history of this proudly Australian company right here

100% owned and made in Australia


Please note that the purchase of Ugg Australia products is restricted to customers residing in Australia

Zsa Zsa Mini Ugg Boots      
Ugg Australia      
Zsa Zsa Mini Ugg Boots      
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