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Nubuck + Velours Classic Spray Black 200 ml


This is waterproofing spray for nubuck and for suede leathers that also has colour activation. It is a leather care product.

Made in Germany, Collonil Nubuck + Velours Classic spray is a premium product that waterproofs, revives colour and conditions nubuck leather and suede leather. It prevents snow and water stains and preserves the original finish.

This spray is a black colour to be used on black suedes and nubucks only.


  • before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them evenly and lightly from a distance of 20-30 cm
  • do not drench
  • let dry then repeat several times
  • leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the spray can penetrate deep into the material
  • repeat again every 10 wears

Collonil Nubuk (nubuck) and Velours (suede) Classic Spray Black  200 ml is made in Germany. Shoe Care. Suede Care. Nubuck Care. Leather Care.


Greta Says:

Right, so suede is the inside of the animal and is more fibrous, nubuck is the outside of the animal and is smoother.  Both can be kept in perfect condition for years of wonderful wear with this spray.  Don't forget with both suede and nubuck, you can use a Collonil Cleaner block  to remove shiny spots and bring the texture back into the shoe.

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