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Heel Stoppers

Clean Heels

No need to ruin another pair of shoes on grass, gravel or at the races.  Clean Heels Heel Stoppers to the rescue! These heel stoppers (heel protectors) are put on the heel of shoes to protect your heels from mud, grass, gravel and all other nasties. Simply put on a pair, enjoy your day, then either dispose of them or rinse them off, ready for another day.

There are three different sizes for the Heel Stoppers:

Petite:   Fits heel widths of 0.5 cm - 0.7cm
Small: Fits heel widths of 0.9 cm - 1.2cm
Medium:  Fits heel widths of 1.3 - 1.6cm

If the length is too long, you can always cut them to the desired depth.

With Clean Heel Heel Stoppers you can protect your heels and stop yourself from sinking in the grass. Perfect to wear at all Heritage Stately Homes to protect their floors.

Price $15.95

Size Chart

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