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Leather Stretch Foam 100ml


This fantastic product from Collonil stretches pinching shoes.  


  • Shake can
  • Spray on the area to be stretched - usually on the inside of the shoe *
  • Put the shoe on the foot
  • Wear for several minutes
  • Repeat if necessary
* Patent, reptile and brushed leather (such as suede and nubucks) are to be treated from the inside only.
Collionil Leather Stretch Foam 100ml is made in Germany. Shoe Care. Leather Care. Stretch Spray


Greta Says:

If you are using this spray foam on patent, reptile, suede or nubuck leathers, I suggest you use glad wrap (cling wrap) or the like to wrap the top of the shoe to protect it while you are spraying the inside. This stuff really works!

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