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Sneaker Sole-Brite Whitener

Sneaker Doctor

Sole-Brite is a multiuse product used to remove oxidization, such as yellowing on rubber soles. It brings your yellowed sole/midsoles back to life and completely reverses the oxidization process that usually occurs on icy/rubber soles. It is safe for all soles including Glow in the Dark and will not hinder the glow properties


Apply a light-medium coat of Sole-Brite to the oxidized parts of the shoes to be treated. Make sure to apply very lightly around the edges to avoid the product from running onto unwanted areas. Avoid contact with non-rubber materials as it may burn them.

Cover in cling wrap to prevent the product from evaporating. Leave in the sun for 1-6 hours and check back periodically.

Multiple sessions might be necessary for clear/icy soles and older yellowing shoes.


  • 90 ml
  • White colour
  • Contains Biodegradable Ingredients
  • Recyclable packaging

Sneaker Doctor Sole-Brite Sole Whitener product is made in the U.S.A.

Price $19.95

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